Unsupported as file provider

For the last months I came across several apps, which would not support DTTG as file/document provider at the Files app. I think this is too bad because this is for me the best case to use DTTGs Files app functionality. I recognized this with ia writer or 1writer. Are there any plans to extend DTTGs functionality to support this folder view as Ulysses assumes (https://twitter.com/ulyssesapp/status/1255439569232769024) ?

We have plans here but the current implementation from Apple’s side is rather primitive (it was very quickly developed for WWDC '19). DEVONthink To Go’s organization structure is more complex and so its hard to support this files-in-folders based model (for example, DEVONthink has replicants). We will support folder sharing as soon as feasible.

Sound great. I didn’t know it is so complicated, but I could have guessed it as many other apps got the same problems. I’ll wait for it :slight_smile: