Upgraded Dropbox Caused Database of Indexed Files/Folders to Go Missing/Unlinked

Hi Everyone, I have a few Indexed DT databases for files/folders in Dropbox. I recently upgraded my Dropbox account and in the process, the names/locations of all my files and folders within Dropbox have changed. The folder structure within the highest level folder remain unchanged.

Is there a way I can easily and quickly re-direct my DT databases to the correct location/newly-named folder (can I do this at the highest level folder or do I have to do it for each folder?) or do I have to build a new database?


It’s puzzling why upgrading Dropbox that the files/folders on your local machine would change. I assume Dropbox made that change, but why?

That being said, read in the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” how to delete an outdated index and then index the new files/folders.

Make sure your local DEVONthink folders are set for “offline”.

Yup, Dropbox made the change. SOOO dumb and a PITA for me.

Ugh and grrrrr…

What kind of upgrade did you do on Dropbox?

I went from Personal to Business. So lame!!


What did the file paths change to, if you know?

If this helps, but FYI If the name of the Dropbox folder changed on your computer | Dropbox Help

I think they just renamed the outer Dropbox folder to “Dropbox (Personal)”. Everything else is the same.

You think if I change the name back to the old name it will work or do I have to build a new DB?

I dunno. never tried. but i cannot think that reindexing is going to be that hard is it? maybe i am missing something.

I’d leave the name alone as who knows if it will break something for Dropbox.

Select the indexed parent group in DEVONthink.
Open the Tools > Inspectors > Info inspector.
Click the flyout triangle next to the Path field and choose Select.
Select the new location in the dialog to redirect the indexed locations.

PS: This was covered in a blog post in the last few months.

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Thanks. I followed that path but “Info” is greyed out (Generic & Custom are not greyed out).

My issue with re-indexing, although very easy (even for me) is that I suspect I’ll lose all the links I created in that DB.

Info is the section. Open the Generic inspector.

Ah… yes. new ground for me.

Is it possible this thread has anything to do with this one: Dropbox and Onedrive locations being automatically changed....effect on indexed DT databases