Using DTP for syncing w/ MacMail & GoogleSheets?

I use certain GoogleSheets documents to track legal & document correspondence. These correspondence happens by phone, snail mail, and email – the latter being most prevalent.

Right now, I have a dedicated Gmail account, and use its system of labels (folders) to organize and archive my correspondence. I also export PDFs of emails, and upload them to cells within my GoogleSheets tracking document so that I can easily refer to the correspondence directly.

I’ve never imported mail into DTP; I’ve never felt it was esp. useful, given that I’ve already organized and archived my email, based on projects and topics. Still, I’m wondering if there might be a way to integrate DTP-imported mail into my workflow.

Can other users envisage a scenario in which DTP-imported mail can more easily be synced with cells in GoogleSheets (i.e., to more easily sync to the direct correspondence)?


DEVONthink can only bulk import/archive emails from supported local email clients (e.g. Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage/Outlook etc.) and also import .mbox Unix mailboxes or .eml email files. It doesn’t support archiving from online sources yet.

The only possibility coming to my mind would be therefore to export .mbox or .eml files and to import them into DEVONthink. But it’s probably not possible to automate this.

You may be able to use a variation on this idea:

Great. Thanks so much for all of your input! Doesn’t look like DTP would be useful for my particular workflow, but I’ll keep thinking on other solutions…

Thanks again!