Using Houdahspot to search inside DEVONthink 3

I have the Devonthink3 template installed in Houdahspot 6 but am not able to search within my databases. In the refine fields I have dtbase2 as a file extension, which gives all my databases. When I try to search for “Document Kind” or “Content Kind” or “Text Content”
I don’t get any results. I have many PDF, PDF+Text files within these databases
Any thoughts?

Did you talk to the Houdah people about that?

  1. Be sure you enable Spotlight indexing for you DEVONthink database
    See this Houdah blog post:
  1. You want to find files inside your DEVONthink database. Thus you should not restrict the search to the file extension dtbase2. That is the file extension of the database file. Your search would find the database itself rather than files contained within.

The Spotlight index knows the entries in the DEVONthink database by the way of proxy files. These files have the dt3 extension. You can thus limit your search to your DEVONthink database by specifying that extension.

Refer to the blog post for details.

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