"Verification of uploaded item failed", should I be concerned?

I’ve been using my Dropbox Personal account as the sync location for DT for several weeks now. Every one or two days, I would find such an error in the log window:

But I haven’t noticed any syncing error in DT on my laptop, or DTTG on my iPhone and iPad. (Other than this – but I assume this issue wasn’t related to the log errors since this issue only happened to me once, AFAIK.)

My question is: what does this error mean and should I be concerned? How do I fix this error, if necessary?

Important files (like *.manifest) are always verified after uploading (independent of the setting of the sync location). Most likely it’s the result of a temporary network or Dropbox issue. Are you still able to verify the sync store successfully?

In the past few weeks, I tried verifying my Dropbox sync store multiple times and never got any errors, i.e. all my 5 databases were verified successfully each time I tried.

(I somehow forgot to mention this in the original post :man_facepalming:)

In this case it was indeed just a temporary issue.

That’s reassuring, thanks for the help Christian! :smiley: