Verify and Repair greyed out?

On one of my databases (but not on any of the others) some of the File options are greyed out – Verify and Repair, Check File Integrity and Rebuild Database. Is there anything I can do to restore those capacities?

Is a sync possibly ongoing?

Is the database marked as read-only in the sidebar?

Thank you both. It was related to syncing – I think syncing stalled incomplete and that that is related to the message below which I’ve been getting only recently every time I open this database. If I say yes every time to this message it does complete sync and then the full File menu is available. I’ll try to work out why I get this message all the time now but that is probably a Dropbox issue?

See this thread, and especially this response. DT expect to resolve the issue with the next release.

Thank you! Very helpful to know.