Video Chapters not appearing in DevonThink

I imported a video file that has chapters. I was hoping to see these within DT in some form like Annotations where I’d be able to quickly navigate to the chapters.

Is this functionality available?


What kind of video file actually and do Quick Look and/or the QuickTime support the chapters?

These are mp4 files and QuickTime supports chapters for these files.

A link or file that you could share would be great, thanks.

Here’s the video file with chapters :

And there’s how the chapters show in QT Player : CleanShot 2022-04-04 at 07.25.13 · CleanShot Cloud

Which version of DEVONthink and macOS do you use? Over here the chapters work exactly like in the QuickTime Player.

I’m on version 3.8.3

Getting to the Chapters takes 3 clicks in DT compared to the QT Player interface.

Also I was hoping to have the chapters show in a side panel like Annotations so that I can see all the Chapters like a Table of Content and click to get to them rather than via the player menu.

Edit: On Monterey the QT Player has the chapters showing similar to the DT screenshot. The direct Chapter icon was from my laptop running BigSur

I’m seeing no issue with the chapters in Catalina.

I was a bit confused as the display of chapters on the QT player changed from Catalina/BigSur to Monterey. It’s no longer the direct TOC like indicator on the player bar, one needs to click on the “>>” icon which shows a Chapters submenu so it’s not as accessible with a single click.

What I was really hoping for was a side pane which had the chapters listed (like the Annotation pane) so that once can quickly jump through chapters. I might though scripting extract the chapter info and add them to Annotations.

I might though scripting extract the chapter info and add them to Annotations.

Via what mechanism or language?

Applescript that calls ffmpeg to get chapter info and then add as Annotation in DT

Ahh… I didn’t believe there was anything built-in to the OS.

The Table of Contents inspector of the next release will support video files too.

Wow!! So will chapters of videos appear in the TOC inspector? What is the release ETA? I’d love to get my hand on a beta version that has this feature.

We don’t announce release dates usually.

I see this feature in the latest version, thanks

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I did find one issue with the Chapters showing in Table of Contents. When I select a Chapter for the first time, the video navigates to the Chapter location and the chapter shows selected in the Table of Contents. Now if a few seconds have elapsed and I want to get back to the previously selected chapter location, clicking it again does nothing. It only works if I change to a different chapter and switch back to it which is not very convenient as is several of my smaller videos I only have a single chapter.

Can you kindly look into this?


The URL of a video having chapters would be great for testing, thanks.

Interesting table of contents from this URL with chapters:

And one without chapters but picking up headers, etc. in the TOC:

A link to a video file, not to a web page - there’s no support for YouTube :slight_smile: