When is a smart group updated?


I have a very simple smart group observing a group A. It is supposed to assemble all files containing “2020-” in their name. Which works ok, until I move a new file into group A. It arrives there ok, but the smart group doesn’t show the file immediately. If I switch to another smart group and back again, the file is there.

I’m not sure if it is related to this thread Smart Groups don't update in some situations

I noticed this behavior today first with a PDF file that was tagged and then moved into Group A. To verify, I created a simple empty text file “Test 2020-07-01” and moved it into A (no tagging). It appeared there but only in the smart group after I opened another smart group and than this again.

Is this intended behavior?

This is definitely not intended. A screenshot of the smart group’s settings plus a screenshot of the. complete window would be useful.

Interesting. I just tried to reproduce it and couldn’t. I’ll keep an eye on it.