Smart Groups don't update in some situations

In a database I have a group called data; this group contains 7 subgroups, named e.g. 1 through 7. In the same database I have a number of groups called e.g. 2017, 2018, 2019 etc.; each of these contains 7 Smart Groups, each with the same name as the aforementioned subgroups.

The rules are as follows:

“Search in:” is set to one of the aforementioned subgroups. These rules work whenever I drop a file into one of the subgroups. If, however, I change something when the file is already in the subgroup - specifically, I add the tag “StE2019” - then the file does not appear in the Smart Group. If I edit the Smart Group (i.e. double click it from the sidebar - change nothing - confirm with ok) then the file appears.

We are currently investigating this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Now I’m standing at my front door, waiting for the door bell to ring. Do you want coffee or tea whilst you investigate?

(and apologies - presumably then this has already been posted about here in the forum, so my post is extraneous)

Coffee, please.

Actually, there have been some support tickets on it.

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How do you exactly add the tag and which view do you use (e.g. List view)? Thanks.

Hi :slight_smile: I have DT set up as navigate/as list/standard. Generally what I do is that I highlight the file (which I first locate by clicking on the appropriate group/subgroup in the navigation pane) in question in the list view and then enter the tag at the bottom of the preview area. The behaviour is the same if I enter the tag via the inspector, though. What is interesting is that in both cases the Smart Group does update if the file “leaves” the Smart Group (because I add a tag which is one of the NOT conditions for Smart Group), but doesn’t update if the file (should) “enter” the Smart Group (because the tag is one of the IS conditions for the Smart Group).

Does that help?

Does this also happen in case of a simple test smart group which uses only the Tag is condition?

The following happened with a simple one-condition Tag is smart group:

When I add the appropriate tag to the document, it is immediately added to the smart group.
When I removed the tag, the document was NOT immediately removed from the smart group.
When I added a new tag which did not meet the condition, the document was immediately removed from the group.
When I added the condition tag to the document whilst it also had other tags, it was added to the smart group; when I then removed the condition tag, the document was NOT removed from the smart group regardless of what I tried (removing all tags, adding back the non-condition tags, adding the condition tag alone and removing it again, the adding a non-condition tag). I could then only remove the document from the smart group by opening the settings/conditions for the smart group, then clicking ok.

I hope that helps you - it’s stumped me. In fact, I will try to replicate the behaviour I have described later on.

Do you edit the tags via the inspector, the tags bar or otherwise?

Sorry - forgot to mention: initially via the tag bar - but I also experimented using the inspector and came up with the same results.

So far I can’t reproduce this anymore using the latest internal build. If you’re interested in a beta just send me an email.

cheers - thanks for the offer, but I will wait for the official release; I’m not currently running any beta (system or software), so I’ve not currently got a platform available for testing. But again, I appreciate the offer :slight_smile:

I’m also having this issue - I realized it a minute ago with Version 3.0.4.
I’ve a smart rule moving emails to a specific folder and adding a Tag. Smart Groups is looking for emails with that Tag and does not update - I’ve to restart Devonthink or edit the smart group to get it updated.

Could you please post a screenshot of the smart group’s settings and a screenshot of your window before moving the emails? Thanks.

Here are the settings of smart group and smart rule - what exactly do you mean with “window before moving” - my issue here is: I’m using Apple Mail using keyboard shortcut to move the email to DT (whatever windows there are open), then smart rule is taking over, tagging, moving.
Is there something special regarding windows I could investigate?

Is it a global smart group? Or is the smart group located in a database? Which view do you use in this case?

while re-producing the scenario several times to take screenshots (I deleted the email in DT, cleared trashcan, re-imported with different window/view settings and was able to reproduce the problem) the problem disappeared suddenly with that one email after a few tries - strange.

sorry, run out of time for further testing now, I try to invest more time to this later this week.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - maybe there’s something useful in the logs already. Thanks!


I am having the same problem and it is driving me crazy, as I use smart groups to organize my daily ToDo items. I cannot get the smart group to update until I open the settings and click ok. It used to work fine. Let me know if I can provide any info that might be helpful as another instance of the bug. Otherwise, I will eagerly await hearing that there is a solution on this thread. Thanks!