Which PDF apps are confirmed working with "open-in-place"?


The PDF editor in DTTG doesn’t address all of my use cases (e.g. missing overview of Annotations), so I’m looking for a third-party app that works with the “open-in-place” functionality. The only one I found that works flawlessly on iPad with DTTG 3.0.6 is Highlights.

Goodreader gives an error saying that the file is invalid because it has been edited from another location. PDF Expert also doesn’t work, as discussed in this thread.

Would appreciate any other app suggestions next to Highlights that work as of today.


We hope that the next release of DEVONthink To Go addresses the error shown by GoodReader. Please let us know if it doesn’t for you. And we’re still in close contact with Readdle about why it doesn’t work on PDF Expert. So far they say it’s something in PDF Expert and they are planning to address it eventually. We also have another idea that we’d like to try to make editing more reliable with third-parties.

Thanks for the update, your efforts are much appreciated! I will await the next release in suspense :slight_smile: