Why DT doesn't create a shortcut in the replicants file's location?

Hello everyone! As we all know, when DT indexed the folder in Finder, in finder, we can’t see the replicants file except for the initial location, I always have a question, why DT doesn’t create a shortcut in the replicants file’s location? This is just a little confusion for me personally, because now the finder can’t show replicants, so I always can’t find my files in the finder~

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Development would have to assess this request.

Happy to hear that~

@cgrunenberg If this would be implemented please make it optional.

Background: A lot of my indexed folders are locked in Finder. It won’t work to create an alias inside a locked folder. That means I then could either

  • not replicate anymore or
  • not lock indexed folders in Finder anymore

I need both so please don’t simply replace current behavior.

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There are no plans to create aliases for replicants currently, replicants are more like hard links which are not supported by all filesystems and not supported by folders (including document packages like RTFD).