Window flickers briefly when selecting an image

I just installed DEVONthink a couple days ago and I’m evaluating migrating to it from Evernote.

I noticed that whenever I select an item that is an image or gif, the window will briefly disappear before reappearing with image in the preview pane.

I did a video capture but I guess I’m not allowed to post links or upload attachments.

This appears to be related to the preview pane; when I hide it the behavior goes away.

This is happening on 3.0.3 on a 2019 Mac Pro running Catalina 10.15.2.

I would appreciate any help on this!

Sorry for off-topic question…

What do you think of the new Mac Pro? I just ordered one, among other reasons to help with searching of very large documents and uploading of large sets of documents via web server.

Happy to answer!

I am a pro user of sorts but I’m admittedly not the type of pro user that traditionally would be well-suited for a Mac Pro (like someone who does stuff with video or audio).

But I am nonetheless an incredibly demanding computer user and I’ve yet to use a computer that I didn’t think could stand to be a little faster.

So far I’m quite happy with my machine! Even Slack feels snappier.

Sadly Evernote still doesn’t run efficiently on it (scrolling through an individual note on Evernote is super choppy) and it’s probably able to be fixed but I’ve become of the mindset that if I encounter an app that runs poorly on a machine this powerful that I need to find a replacement app that works better.

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There have been several threads about this—which is apparently related to a bug in macOS Catalina. See this thread for example.


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This is a known issue with the ImageKit framework in macOS 0.15 Catalina. We are investigating what can be done about it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



release notes say “Fixed an issue with flashing windows when viewing images (macOS Catalina).”
I can confirm this but not in every situation. When a word document is displayed and then an image is selected it is still flickering.

I confirmed this behavior here.
However, it occurs with Excel, Powerpoint, Numbers, and Pages documents as well. However, I think these may all be using the same qlgenerator.

The workaround for the flickering issue of the ImageKit framework on Catalina isn’t perfect unfortunately and has to be disabled temporarily for Quick Look-based previews (e.g. of Word or the default email view), otherwise the Quick Look framework would crash.

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