Woo Hoo! DTPO 3.0 (Beta)!

It’s finally here, and it looks great! Downloading and reading the documentation now. Great job guys!

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Good news!

Is there an update to the Web clipper, particularly the clutter-free renderer?

When is the update for the iOS version coming? I am iPad only but love DEVONthink To Go.

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It doesn’t seem to pick up any of my sync settings from DEVONthink Pro 2. Any chance of a quick fix, maybe a way to migrate the settings via some command line magic? Since I have 5 databases shared across two machines and two mobile devices, setting it all up again from scratch would be a major pain.

Found a bug in ePub viewer. How to report it? (Bug is all text appears centered and not justified respecting ePub format).

Welcome @SPO

Thanks for the interest but we don’t issue development timeframes or release schedules.
Updates to other apps will be coming in the future.

They are two separate applications so they are not sharing this data.

PS: It is suggested to keep data isolated, and even isolated accounts are advocated. Remember this is beta software, so being circumspect and safe is prudent.

Use the same mechanism as DT2, Option key Help > Report Bug. Include info about if this is consistently reproducible and with other EPUB files.

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Option Key :wink: Always forget that :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Unicode PDF still shows as no text…

BTW, Unicode PDF still shows as no text…

Not sure what you’re referring to here, but please start a separate ticket for this. Thanks.

Is there a comparison between the Regular version and the Pro version? It seems you have only posted a comparison between Pro and Server. I’m upgrading from 2.0 Pro, so it’d be good to know whether it’s worth for me upgrading to a higher tier.

We have discussed this before here.

I refer to this: PDF with no text but have text

I know what the problematic is, but there are a lot of PDF Viewers in macOS that resolves it.

Those other PDF viewers likely aren’t using Apple’s PDFKit.

Yes, but that is my question. Why you don’t switch to another PDF SDK and forgets the buggy Apple one?

This is not a trivial thing to do. And it also would add to the cost since the framework would have to be licensed. These are not simple and obvious issues to answer.


BTW, like a lot the new interface (a lot of more real estate) and the option of “stricter recognition of duplicates”.

Glad to hear it. Lots of hard thinking and decision-making went into it.

The only difference between Server and Pro is the web server? I understand that from the Blog and other documentation, but not sure.

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Pro vs server comparison.

I’m pretty excited that Pro is going to include the ABBYY OCR engine, currently I’m using the bundled copy that came with my Fujitsu scanner, having it built in to DEVONthink will make life easier dealing with random PDFs that don’t start out as paper.

OK so I re-read the wording of the comparison page and realized that everything listed on that page is exclusive to Pro/Server editions. Also, those “premium” features are identified by a blue star on relevant menu items. Is my understanding right?

That being said, I’d still suggest providing a clearer statement of differences between all three editions. Also, I feel a little strange that some features available in 2.0 Pro, e.g. Download Manager, are no longer available in its successor (i.e. 3.0 Regular). Do we need to pay more to preserve certain features that we have paid for?