Wordservice not working in OSX 10.8.2 and Pages '09

I just installed Wordservice on my mac desktop (OSX 10.8.2) so that I could change the caps in Pages '09. I did this by copying the folder to System > Services, then deleting .service from the name so that OSX would recognize it. That’s when the menu items showed up in Pages under Pages>Services. Should work, eh?

When I highlighted a heading in my text and clicked on an Initial Caps command, I got the following:

… “(null)” application is corrupt.

Any ideas?

Word Service will run on 10.8.2 in any app. Do this:

WordService.service belongs in ~/Library/Services

Do not remove the “.service” extension.

It is unsigned, so in 10.8.2 you need to control-click the WordService.service package in Finder, click “Open”, and answer the question (i.e., click “Open” again in the dialog) confirming that you want to launch the app. You only need to do this step once.

OK, I did that, and it worked. Great little program. Thanks.

What seems to have happened is that I have two copies of the Library:

  • one under Mac HD > System, which had 12 or so services and where Wordservice would not work (as in the first post), and

  • one under Mac HD, where I had to create a new Services folder. This where I installed Wordservice.

What should I do here?

Services can usually be found in four locations

[boot disk]/Library/Services
[boot disk]/System/Library/Services
inside an application package

Services in the first two locations are available to all users. If I’m reading your post correctly, you put the WordService inside the first location on the list above, which is fine. If the service is working, then you’re done.

Services in the third location are available only to that user. Services in the application package are available to whatever users can access the Application folder. (Normally, don’t put services inside applications yourself – leave that up to the developer.)

I have enabled WordService and have it listed in both the System Library folder as well as my user Library folder. However, I do not see any of the functionality that I expect to see. For example, I have selected some text to change the case. Right-clicking the selected text shows the menu that includes Services>Reformat. Not WordServices. Is Reformat that name of the service?

Anyway, selecting Reformat result only in the cursor moving to the end of the selected text, the text no longer being selected, and no changes to it. Also no menu of any kind comes up.

What’s wrong?

As with any OS X service, activate in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services .

See this forum here, and here, and several other threads

Yes that is done. The Preferences panel does show things like “All lowercase” and “Capitalize every word” under the “Text” folder, but I do not see anything that hints at “WordService.” But when I right-click (two-finger tap, actually), I do not see any of these Services (however, I do see two devonsphere services… Does it matter that I have … wait a minute… Ok, now there the wordServices are! So, it was either that I turned some of the Services on in Preferences (thank you!) or these menu items only show when I am in a field entry box. That might be why I didn’t see it before, because maybe I selected text on a web page, but because it wasn’t a text entry field, the wordService menu items did not display.
Everything’s fine.

Glad it wor …

I was just thinking that it’s not often that we get live action posts here … hold on … there’s one now! :laughing: