Would you like a Custom Report Generator? Please Vote

The Tools-Create Metadata Overview is in my view a hidden gem in Devonthink.

I suspect maybe it would get more interest/attention if renamed to “Report Generator” which is really what it is.

I started this thread a while back which I think similarly was a sleeper because it seemed obscure - but really what I was suggesting is a way to make the feature into a Custom Report Generator, which is a holy grail feature in almost any database.

My suggestion is: If the Create Custom Metadata feature were to create its columns based on the existing view (with selected standard and custom metadata fields) then it would in fact be an extremely useful custom report generator. @cgrunenberg has suggested he would consider this if there were more widespread interest among the user base.

Would this be of interest to you? Why or why not?


Sorry - I know this is an old thread. But I would really like this, too.

The ability to do a table of contents is great, and allows other team members (who don’t use DevonThink) to quickly see all the great metadata, ratings, etc.

But it adds columns that aren’t relevant. I can remove these, but it’s slow. I’d like to have a template where I can specify the columns (or the option to specify default columns). The option to follow the current screen layout is a good one, too.

I use Applescript to generate my “Custom Reports”