Xmenu not working on Macbook Pro (2023, 16", M2 Max)

I just migrated from an Intel Macbook Pro to a shiny new 2023 M2 Max, and Xmenu no longer appears in the menu bar.

If I connect my external display and set it to be the main display, Xmenu does appear in the menu bar. But if set the external display as the extended display and the Retina display as the main display, Xmenu disappears from the menu bar. Activity Monitor shows the Xmenu process running during all of this.

I’ve tried:

  • Uninstalling Xmenu and downloading it from devontechnologies.com (version 1.9.11).

  • Quitting Xmenu from Activity Monitor, deleting com.devon-technologies.XMenu.plist, restarting the computer.

  • Creating a new test user account and running Xmenu in that account.

(I’m a licensed user of Devonthink Pro 3.)

Going to guess that Xmenu’s menu bar icon is hidden behind the camera notch. You can control drag icons to the order you want them in but if you have enough some will always be behind the notch.


Ahh… that’s damnable notch. Not Apple’s finest idea :roll_eyes: Yes, that may be a possibility.

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Thanks very much. Indeed, the notch was the issue – never would have thought of it myself, mainly because there’s more than enough room to display an additional icon:

Putting aside the hardware design, let’s count the ways of UI sloppiness:

  1. Not using the blank space to the right of the notch.

  2. Not displaying “…” with a drop-down menu when there are too many icons.

  3. Not letting the user suppress unwanted icons when apps don’t provide that preference themselves.


As much as we love much of the Apple ecosystem, we collectively sigh along side you :roll_eyes:

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Big sigh here too. The app “Bartender” may be of help for you to have multiple rows of icons in the menu bar.


Thanks for this recco.
If apple would just allow us to reduce the space between icons in the bar that would be enough for me. I am trying Bartender right now and it’s more that I need right now. But the compact setting makes room for tons of icons.
Of course I can’t promise that my use of the extra space won’t eventually make it necessary to use the other features of the app.

Don’t forget Bartender can do multiple rows of icons, so many that will help avoid the icons behind the notch. I don’t have a notch to confirm that, but I use Bartender on both my MacBook and iMac and it helps.

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