Apple Mail Version 16.0 / Sonoma 14.2

Trying to import mail and googled, but all the answers do not help.

Devonthink Pro 3, Mail Version 16.0 / Sonoma 14.2

  1. In Devon, there is no longer a ‘install Mail Add On’

  2. in Mail There is no longer a “Preferences > General > Manage Plug-Ins…”

Is there a new ‘extension’ for mail?

The issue discussed often previously in this forum. I searched the forum “sonoma mail” and found a lot of hits, e.g.

Thank You - I did find (after the post)

As it is a ‘key’ value and searching for “Devon Mail Import” returns so many false results for current software, it would be good to have a post from Devon that Google found to be the ‘best’ result that just simply puts it


Instead of me spending 10 min searching, 20 min trying to figure out why the options that so many post talk about enable are not in my software to then figure out, no support.

To get time bound mail importing I assume I can

  • use the super slow import
  • create a smart-mail-box defining the dates, then drag and drop

Any other solutions?

I use Applescript
These scripts installed by Devonthink

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Note: Google is not a support channel for us. Your best bet is to come here or to our support ticket system and ask directly.

Alternative methods for importing emails into DEVONthink:

  • Drag and drop from many (though not all) email clients: to the Finder and into DEVONthink, into the Sorter, or into a database directly
  • Mail scripts in scriptable email clients
  • Mail rule scripts in Apple Mail
  • DEVONthink’s View > Import sidebar still works, albeit more slowly without the plugin
  • You can also export mailboxes to .MBOX format in some email clients. The exported .MBOX files can be dropped onto DEVONthink’s dock icon to be imported.

Also make sure DEVONthink has Full Disk Access and its Automation requests are allowed in System Settings > Privacy & Security.

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You don’t need Google to search in the forum. And searching here should actually be the first step.


OK, Thank You all for the help. I created an Apple Smart Mail box to create the time binding, then drag and dropped.

With Respect To Google, REALLY people do not think the FIRST thing people do is a browser search that then by dominance is a google search.

good news is if you format the message correct even if “Google is not a support channel for us.” it works. Today;

Thank You for the support, I would not think to go to the vendors page first, and as I assume (amny do not but I do) that I need to fix something when something is not working, I did not open a ‘support ticket’ until I did all the self help.

Glad to see a product with a support team wanting tickets, and a forum willing to help.

As you can see, the first match for “Devonthink sonoma mail” is nearly three months old. And the next one (not in the screenshot) is even six months old. It’s all out there … Like with the “AI”, it’s about the prompts.


I have always used the mbox method to archive mail into Devonthink. Works great. Search this forum for “mbox” to find a link to my post with detailed instructions about an easy way to manage this and get exactly what you’re after.

Thank You for the support,

You’re welcome.

I would not think to go to the vendors page first,

The vendor is the first place you should go unless your inquiry is very general, like “What’s a good typing app on the Mac?”. If you have an issue with a specific application, Googling it should not be the first step. There’s plenty of incorrect information out there so why generate a bunch of noise that may or may not be accurate? Going to the software’s site and checking their support resources should be step 1.

and as I assume (amny do not but I do) that I need to fix something when something is not working, I did not open a ‘support ticket’ until I did all the self help.

I’m not sure why you’d assume you need to fix something. If you could fix it, you wouldn’t need help. And you don’t know the ins-and-outs of the issue, so how could you solve it on your own? That’s exactly why we are here. In the future, e.g., on another Mac, sure you could employ the same steps as you learned from us, but you don’t have the information to fix the issue yet.

Our applications are heavily documented and we also provide far more help resources than most companies. Avail yourself of those tools. We certainly make sure people know about them.