Christmas wish-list of features for DTTG

If i would be thinking about key UI features in DTTG as compared to other apps, this would be my christmas wish list:

  1. tag management (as in Things 3)
  2. search not in a dedicated window but by pulling up to down (again as in Things 3)
  3. ability to move between documents by pulling to left or right (as in notebooksapp)
  4. ability to clip directly into the folder (as in Evernote)
  5. search incl. position in the documents (as in Goodnotes or in notebooksapp)
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  1. Easier navigation between folders - it’s a pain if in a document at the end of a ‘chain’ of subfolders and want to open another document that’s at the end of another chain of subfolders.

  2. Tabs of open documents (like PDF expert) to allow you to easily switch between documents you’re working on.

  3. Recent document list

  4. Ability to open two instances of DTTG side by side in split screen (as in PDF expert and other apps) to allow comparison of documents.

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Have you tried the Recent… smart groups?

Aha! No, I hadn’t! That is actually super helpful, thank you.

A great help to people using intensively DVTTG would be to implement the “open in” facility not waiting for other new features; this could well replace for some time the issue with the IOS editor. Note would be created in pages/ word and saved in the relevant DevonThink group; having that in place will avoid the pain to open other applications and to be “lost” in the structure. This works well with Notebooks. Thanks in advance.


I’ll go a little bolder and suggest it is time for DevonTechnologies to get into the same market as MarginNote. Annotations with supplemental notes, either hand written (Apple Pencil) or typed. Excerpt capture. Linking. Etc. I keep trying to make MarginNote 3 work, PDFExpert, LiquidText. But I just don’t want to leave DevonThink for another environment. Can be as separate product but tightly bound to DevonThink. A big ask. But time to branch out. Maybe a partnership with MarginNote 3?


Being able to search for, and quickly navigate to, any group without having to go through the navigation stack is probably my number one on the wish list for DTTG.

Even just having a “recent groups” smart list would be super helpful.

Number two on my wishlist is list support in the markdown editor (automatically inserting “-” or “1.” on newline and buttons for indentation).

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  1. Wikilinks functionality ought to be a must. This is essential for some workflows and is a fundamental difference to the way notes work in DTTG vs Mac. This should include being able to autocomplete Wikilinks when typing [[ as well.

  2. The iOS 13 Shortcuts API improvements also offer much deeper integration with other apps than has ever been possible.
    URL schemes are far too limited in comparison.
    DTTG donated Siri Shortcuts?

  3. The lack of keyboard shortcuts does make using the app rather cumbersome and inefficient on iPad, requires lots of tapping everywhere. This is all the more jarring when switching to DTTG after from using apps with excellent keyboard shortcut support like Things.

The interface ideally needs to be redesigned to be more keyboard-centric, e.g. keyboard navigation, quick searching; it has inherited too many design principles from a touch-only era, but probably this is more one for DTTG 3.

  1. Sharing extension could very much do with a revamp to make it more streamlined as currently it requires too many taps to save a webpage. Also, saving web page archives does not work if content is behind a paywall.

saving web page archives does not work if content is behind a paywall.

This does not work on desktop either if you’re using the webarchive format, it’s due to the format itself, not DTTG.

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The Evernote web clipper does not have this issue because it gets the content directly from the browser. Regardless of the technicalities of why this is so, I think we can agree this is not a good user experience for what is a common scenario.

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Absolutely, but you face the same issue on desktop. This is not a DTTG issue.
(Personnally, I wish DT would implement SingleFile both on desktop and mobile.)

+1 that is a good one. I currently use 1writer on IOS to work with md files but it would be nice to have this support in DTTG.


I use a shortcut leveraging outline. This can get you started.

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I have some simple plain text notes that I need to use at times, but pinch to zoom doesn’t seem to work with them. That can be difficult for my old eyes. I suppose I could edit them and make them larger, but …

You can’t zoom into a plain text view. However, you can change the size in Settings > Documents > Plain Text Size.

Thanks. But I do hope that the ability to pinch to zoom will be part of the promised overhaul of DTTG.

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I second the shortcuts integration plus more ways to display/read pdfs

I couldn’t agree more about the need for wiki links (ideally bi-directional). I keep looking at system such as RoamResearch, and wishing I could do the same in DT. It is such an obvious requirement for a knowledge management system.


Wikilinking wikilinking wikilinking. Yes.

Also, I imagine it’s coming, but dark mode would be nice.


Welcome @redsleeves

Yes, dark mode is going to be a feature of a future release.