Chrome Extension Repeatedly Confirms Open DT3

I am using DT3 3.0.1 and MacOS 10.14.6

The Chrome extension to Clip to Devonthink has always worked fine. Now suddenly every time I use it, I am first asked to confirm if I want to Open DEVONthink 3.

I run DT3 on 2 Macs and this only happens on one of them. Ideas why?

Do both Macs use the same versions of macOS and Chrome? It’s possible that this is intentional and that Chrome uses now the same annoying alerts as Safari.

Same version of macOS and Chrome on both

There is some difference between the two of them in security settings (as discussed here Security Issue with Reminders Script ) but that was a while ago and this change in behavior with the Chrome extension just started yesterday.

Did a new version of Chrome install maybe last night? Which version of Chrome do you use?

I do not know if there was a new version that was just installed but the versions match on both of my computers so I remain puzzled why the problem is only on one of them.

A simple fix…
Stop. Using. Chrome.

(Couldn’t resist) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve just checked with the very same version. Works as expected. So, in short, there must be some security setting that is different. Browsers add more and more security mechanisms that may or may not interfere with extensions such as Clip to DEVONthink (or remove them altogether, like Safari).

Well I will upgrade this computer to Catalina sometime in the next week or so when my schedule allows - hopefully that may solve the issue.

Well I upgraded to Catalina but the problem still persists.

Maybe I can use a KM macro to run it. Is it possible to execute the DT3 web clipper via Applescript?

No. there are create commands you may want to explore.

A user at recommended considering tccutil to reset the security setting in macOS which is causing the problem with the web clipper. Which permission is affected and thus what would be the syntax for the tccutil reset command?

Which permission is affected and thus what would be the syntax for the tccutil reset command?

You’d have to ask the poster of the comment on that one.

I think this would be specific to Devonthink

See here - what is the name of the “Terminal service” which would need to be reset so macOS would prompt me to grant the required security privilege in the Chrome web clipper?

There isn’t one.
tccutil is specific to macOS, Apple apps, and AppleEvents.

You could check if there are any policies set in chrome://policy.

No policies set except Google Docs Offline and PDF Viewer.

Is Javascript in chrome://settings/content enabled?


I just found success resolving that prompt in Chrome by applying the following Chrome enterprise policy setting in Terminal. (Credit to DevonThink - Best Mac Tips)

defaults write URLAllowlist -array-add ‘x-devonthink://*’


Welcome @mgeauxblue
Glad to hear that resolved things for you :slight_smile:

Great. That’s my blog. I’m glad you found the solution.
It was driving me nuts having to click that Allow prompt every time. This is also discussed here.