CleanMyMac shows DevonTech "System Junk"

CleanMyMac is an app on SetApp.

It shows “System Junk” belonging to DevonTech

Are these truly files which can be deleted?

No idea what a “System Junk” is for CleanMyMac, I would highly recommend to check each folder & its contents. Actually we discourage the usage of CleanMyMac, it just causes too easily major issues.



That said - CleanMyMac reported a “partially installed” version of Clip to Devonthink. I installed it and it fixed this issue:

Now I get one request per website to verify I want to use the Web Clipper and otherwise it does not keep asking:


Though I only use Chrome for occasional support questions, you must have some setting different. I am not prompted to okay clipping per site.

Edi: Ugh! This is something Google just introduced in th 84 build. Grrr… :rage:

agree it’s annoying

But it beats having to do it every time!