Confirmation dialog using DTTG Shortcuts actions

Hello devs and community.

I’d like to begin by offering a heartfelt congratulations and appreciation for the DTTG 3.0 release. I’m a long-time DEVONthink user, and I’m happy to see the team doing new work with DTTG.

If I may, I’d like to ask a question related to the new Shortcuts actions. There is a small annoyance when accessing an item using the (1) Get content of item and (2) Update item with content actions.

When the action runs, a confirmation dialog asks the user to confirm the affected item.

In my testing, the dialog messages displays whether or not I have toggled the action’s Show when run parameter on or off.

My annoyance stems from how the confirmation hampers automation. Rather than simply typing out a note and having the action append to an item, I have to babysit my device and confirm the item, possibly repeatedly.

Has anyone else experienced a similar frustration in their own shortcuts? Could the issue be related to settings in the Shortcuts app? Or, is the item confirmation dialog a feature that could be toggled off?

Thanks for taking time to offer answers or solutions.

It’s obviously very personal how annoying such things are, but in general I agree that this first version of the Shortcut actions might require some fine and there. Which is perfectly understandable, certainly for the first version.

For example also see:

Other ones I’ve mentioned are the layout differences between the Create item action and the Update metadata action. And of course the missing UUID when sharing from DT, although that was intentionally removed as I understand it.

It might be though that some settings are required by Shortcuts. I personally dislike the ‘Show more’ button in every action in Shortcuts (whether related to DTTG or other) , as it hides relevant fields by default. But it might be those cannot be changed due to limitation in Shortcuts. I really couldn’t say.