Request: can the “Show while running” button be set to disabled by default in DTTG Shortcuts actions?

Some DTTG Shortcut actions by default have the “Show while running” button set to enabled.

I’m not sure why that might be important (although there are undoubtedly situations where users want to get feedback) but personally speaking I find it somewhat annoying,

Request: can the “Show while running” be set to disabled by default in a next version of DTTG?

Development would have to respond on this matter.

To be clear: it’s more of a nuisance than anything other obviously. Switching a button isn’t the hardest thing in life :smiley:

No problem. We’ll see what we could do.

We have looked around both in our code and the net and not found any obvious way to tell Shortcuts to not show that switch. It seems to hide it when additional options are made available.

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Thanks for your reply! Would the comment on the dev forum below help you out somehow? As said, it’s more of a nuisance, so perhaps it’s best not to spend too much time on this silly button :grinning:

Congratulations, @Solar-Glare. You’re definitely the first person I know who found something actually useful on the Apple Developer Forums where there wasn’t anything on StackOverflow :exploding_head: Changed for the next release!

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And thank you and the team for listening to user feedback :grinning:

I know it’s impossible to implement all suggestions, but it’s clear for a long time DEVONTechnologies improves their product where reasonably possible!


Update worked. It’s gone :grinning: