Devonthink 3 DB iCloud (Cloudkit) Fail

2:10:43 PM: iCloud (CloudKit) File 649537815.100-9d7ec7ab359ed67ec1d21d7e33b62bbc9e42205d-2065402897.manifest missing of database ContentLibrary.
2:10:43 PM: iCloud (CloudKit) File 649543738.378-9d7ec7ab359ed67ec1d21d7e33b62bbc9e42205d-917221160.manifest missing of database ContentLibrary.
2:10:43 PM: iCloud (CloudKit) File

Above is the error I keep getting.
This is after I had cleaned everything, and had this database syncing without error.

I would like to keep Devonthink sync’ed between two laptops, one of which travels with me, so I’d rather not use Bonjour.
Is iCloud not reliable?
I know the bits about reliable networks. This isn’t that. Is there special iCloud settings? Is dropbox better? What is cloudme?

Returning to DT3, just upgraded, after using things like Notion, Evernote, OneNote, which all FAILED ME in one way or another. Will this fail me too? (I am weeping at the prospect!)


Jon Johnston

I’m not going to be able to help you directly; the forum has a large number of posts on topic, though, so a search whilst you’re waiting for somebody more knowledgeable than I to respond may help you along.

Does this mean you cleaned the sync store and reuploaded? If so, I suggest seeing this post.

Do you have enough available iCloud storage?


A cloud provider. As with every other sync option, you will find posts in the forum from users having trouble with CloudMe. I have found it to be very reliable (it has phases where it produces error messages in the log, bad gateways for example; these always solve themselves given a little time).

My feeling is that CloudKit is more reliable than iCloud (legacy) is; but no, I don’t think it is universally reliable. But I’m also not sure that is your problem here.

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one of which travels with me, so I’d rather not use Bonjour.

I’d suggest, the laptop traveling with you isn’t truly pertinent unless you have an assistant, colleague, or significant other accessing or updating the databases at home and has need of quick updates. Is this the case?

That is true.

What I worry about - I do a fair amount of sporting events, where my laptop is left in a media rooom while I’m on a court, field, etc shooting with a camera. I worry about damage or theft, although theft is VERY rare in those situations.

I suppose I’ve been looking at sync as a method of backup and that’s the wrong approach, eh?

Is Bonjour the most reliable form of sync?
I see a lot of people commenting on sync in the forums. I’m lead to believe iCloud isn’t all that reliable.


It isn’t unfortunately.

Sync not a reliable backup strategy, either. Discussed at length in other posts here.

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Whilst that is true, this may be one of the situations where sync is the best on offer; a workflow somewhere along the lines of take photos on field, return to laptop, do magic, put in DT, sync to cloud, leave laptop, go take more photos, etc., later in hotel do proper backup to external media. If the laptop is lost between sync and hotel the chances of getting back what is lost by syncing back to a different/new device is good.

I agree wholeheartedly that sync is not backup (it cannot, e.g., protect against file corruption, changes and deletions) and will continue to argue that whenever I’m given the chance. In my opinion that doesn’t stop sync being part of a strategy for securing data though.

Just expanding on your post really. Not disagreeing.

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In my experience yes; it is fast and reliable. CloudMe is - again in my experience - also fast, and generally reliable (see my post further up). I’m in Europe; I can’t speak for speed and reliability outside that geographic area. It might simply be worth trying.

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Of course, I agree.

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I’d suggest a portable external drive for backups on the road.

Bonjour is available on local networks only, but it’s good tech for sure!

iCloud, like any remote sync option, is a mixed bag. Given the variability of environment and machine conditions, it works great for some; not so great for others; and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

In general, it works but again, that’s not something we (or they) can guarantee.

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I don’t know exactly if this ist the same problem, but I do get a lot of these now too…

ICloud (CloudKit) Datei “blablabla.manifest” der Datenbank “Eingang” fehlt

I get this on my new Macbook and on my Iphone with DTTG (somehow I don’t see it on my mac mini).

It’s a new thing, and I don’t know whats really missing, as it is the Global Inbox, and I have a lot of stuff in there…

Two things that changed, as far as I know, I captured a lot of stuff out of safari with the IOS App, which was at least buggy as far as the tags go (it crashed everytime I tried to use it…so i just did it without tags, and it seemed to work.

And the other ting that happend before these reports showed, is that I got the new MBP, and so I had to deactivate the seat on my MBA to use it on the MBP (which I find kind of strange to be honest…)

Could it have to do with one of these events? What could it be otherwise, and what could i do to try and resolve it? (“Datenbank überfrüfen und reparieren” I tried)

Frankly, I’d suggest to switch over to a reliable sync method. About 99% of the sync problems reported here are with iCloud/Cloudkit, the very small rest with WebDAV, Dropbox and Bonjour.

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It’s August 2022… and I (still and as well) do get thousands of these error messages. I stopped syncing with dropbox as I was told I would create too much traffic using several syncing methods. I have also deleted and re-installed DTTG on my iPad mini. I have an iPhone, two iPads and three DT3.x Licenses… and about 7 Databases with about 150 GB of Data all together…
so: please advice of a good, working syncing method.


I don’t actually understand this comment; would you care to elaborate if it is relevant to your query?

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Bonjour is a no-go for me as I got three mobile devices and another three Macs. I cannot “run” back to a master Mac nor wait for a sync until I get back to that machine…

Why not? Are other people working remote/locally with data you add/modify locally/remotely?

Remote synchronization (*Cloud, Dropbox etc.) is only really needed if your data changes in one location while you’re at the other and you need it to always be the same in all locations.


How about syncing e.g. the global inbox via DB and the rest via Bonjour (or this principle adapted to the way you work)?

Or sync the whole lot via DB if iCloud isn’t reliable for you?

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The problem might be that two mobile devices would not sync between one another; this is a problem I have run into on the road. It would have been helpful to be able to sync the iPhone and iPad with one another. Of course, it is possible for one of those devices to be the Bonjour master, it just isn’t how I set things up.

all the data must be up-to-date whenever I need to access them… I work with these databases. Each and every day since Version 1.x for the past (hmmmm … 15??? years). That’s why the databases are so huge by now…
no bonjour.

my problem is foremost to get rid of all of these error messages… I am now (right now as we “speak”) syncing over my old dropbox setup… silencing iCloud/Cloudkit for the time being… let’s see if that works better…
… having said that I see that there are some 45’000plus “messages” in my INBOX that don’t exist that DT tries to sync… probably I need to ope a new thread for that one…