Display bug on iPad mini 6

I can’t access the sync configuration on the iPad mini 6.

We are currently investigating this. However…

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It works perfectly !
Thanks :pray:

French to English language :slight_smile:

In a couple of hours I can check if iPad Mini 6 in Spanish has the issue. :innocent:

(Still in delivery courier truck)

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Haha! Thanks.

You’re welcome.

If I may impose a little bit… please quit DEVONthink To Go. Set the application language back to French. Relaunch DEVONthink To Go and see if the issue returns.

I believe it will but I have only one report confirming that.


When returning to French, the problem disappeared :innocent:

(Edit) : Even when restarting the iPad

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You’ll see, this iPad mini is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Interesting and thank you for your help on this. I really appreciate it!
:heart: :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure :heart:

(maybe a Testflight invitation ? :innocent: ) that I lost since the launch of DTTG3 ? ^^

PM me. Thanks!

So clearly the problem was not with DTTG, but with French!


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Well, of course! :wink:

What’s a little confounding here is we can’t reproduce it at will. But we are looking into it.

I can sympathize! I took French in high school and I couldn’t “reproduce” it either!

(Sorry, I’m a little ‘punchy’ today, I guess.)


Ok. Got mi iPad mini one hour and half ago. It does not happens with Spanish - Spain in iPadOS and DTTG 3 last store version.

BTW, just got in serious :hearts: with the Mini.


Haha! In French, I can only tell people to be quiet - politely and rudely or say, “How much are two and four?”



Hi, I have the same issue with DevoThink To Go 3 on an iPad Pro 11.

In the opinion of some is definitely related to the French language, although there are very few French words on this page :wink:, but I also cannot change the language of DTToGo on iPad OS unlike iOS.

Did I miss something?

What operating system are you running on the iPad?

Hello BlueFrog,

Hum… iPadOS 15.0 (Build 19A346) as shown in the screenshot :grin:


Indeed, on the iPad this function does not appear.
I worked around the problem by changing the whole iPadOS interface to English.
Don’t worry, it only takes 3-4 seconds, and you can go back at the same speed.

Then you make your settings in DTTG.
Finally, you switch the whole iPadOS interface back to French.
The problem will be gone, at least it works for me.


If you can’t do it, I can help you by private message or by phone.