Drafts 5 export to DevonThink with tags?

Using Drafts 5 as my on-the-go note taking app is fantastic. It’s much more robust and less fussy than DevonThink To Go. Exporting a note at the end of a meeting requires two taps.

However… DT does not import tags from Drafts. This means having to open DT and do more on the note to properly tag it.

I saw an old post about using a script to to import tags from Drafts 4, but that’s clunky.

Possible to have DT accept Drafts 5 tags?



This one here should work with tags:



Thank you!

I also found this one: actions.getdrafts.com/a/1F8

Thanks for the push in the right direction.

This is exactly what I needed, thank you @BurningChrome and @robobo1. It didn’t work on the desktop so I adjusted it. You can follow it here -

Is there a similar solution for the Mac?


This is not working in Drafts on macOS for me.

For me it is not working either…

The latest version Drafts supports actions I believe, so it may be possible soon.


It seems that DevonThink 3 for mac does not support x-callback-url BUT it does support “URL commands”. To make this action works on macOS just remove the x-callback-url/ part.

The action should look like


For more information search for “URL commands” in DevonThink help inside the app.

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Correct and thanks or the pointer to the documentation.

et al:

The distinction if noted in the Help regarding URL commands (i.e., the URL scheme)

Hi, all. Can anyone describe how to modify Drafts’ built-in “Make Note in Devonthink” action so that it also imports tags?

Never mind! I didn’t realize it was already doing this.

I’m curious why you don’t just make the note in DEVONthink To Go from the beginning. :thinking:

Drafts has some features for note-taking that DTTG does not. It’s very fast to get to typing from starting the app, there’s really no delay. It also has an “auto note” feature that easily starts a new note for you. I like the way it displays markdown natively. And the sync is not fussy at all — it works quickly and smoothly across all of my devices, I never have to futz with it. I love that notes sync seemingly as soon as I start typing.

Drafts is purpose-built and nails the experience.

It’s very fast to get to typing from starting the app, there’s really no delay. It also has an “auto note” feature that easily starts a new note for you.

What’s the delay in creating a note in DEVONthink To Go?

Drafts: one tap on the icon, Drafts opens immediately to a new, empty note.
DTTG: tap on the icon, FaceID (sure, I could leave out this step, but in my case DTTG and Drafts have different contents with different security requirements), DTTG opens to wherever I last was, tap back to Global Inbox, tap on +, select note type.

Drafts is an amazingly streamlined way to take notes. Nothing else, but that one thing it does really well for me. As posted by @unclecrabby in a previous thread:

I also agree with this sentiment:

Data protection requirements mean that I sync a number of DT/DTTG database via Bonjour only. The contents of my Drafts don’t have that requirement, so sync seamlessly via the cloud.

To me none of that reflects negatively on DT/DTTG. Drafts is that pile of paper I used to have with little notes scribbled all over - just much better. DT is my enormous shiny filing cabinet, the pride and joy of my office - just much better.

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Accepted, and I wasn’t aware. It remains less immediate that Drafts, however. I mean, honestly, we are talking a second or two - but the Drafts experience of note taking kind of pings with me in a way that DTTG note taking doesn’t. But neither did Notes, and that’s even more difficult to explain objectively. The other points I made remain valid of course. There is a noticeable dose of personal preference here, and I must admit I was sceptical of Drafts and what I was going to be paying for it. But somehow. Anyway, not to worry, if I could only have the one or the other, it’d be DT all day long :slight_smile:

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And Sync is more automatic/bulletproof/reliable with Drafts. Drafts sync “just works.” With DTTG even with a think sync, it seems it always has to sync when I start the app and it can take quite some time.

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I kind of liked drafts until I stumbled upon the fact that it imprisons my data. Or, to put it less dramatically: it stores everything in its own data structure away from finder and the file system.
Which doesn’t sit well with me because I need my data in different apps, sometimes even in Emacs (shudder).
That might explain why the sync “just works”.