DTTG 3.0 features

While we’re hanging up wishes here …

(Btw, happy new year !!:fireworks::balloon:)

… I’d like to be able to clip to PDF within DTTG in much the same way I can do from the macOS app.

I recently developed a taste for capturing and “marking up” regular stuff (I used to do web archive, then moved to markdown, then realized this was a great feature and shifted to pdf).

While I can annotate PDFs very well from the iOS app, I can’t capture them yet. Fingers crossed for 3.0 !

The size limit in rich text/formatted notes documents is caused mainly by the RTF editor we had to use because iOS did not include any RTF support (unlike the Mac where RTF support comes free with the box). We will replace the RTF editor with something better but, sorry, in a 3.x release as it’s a change that requires some attention that we can give it after finishing the ground works.


Well I’ll be looking forward to that more than the initial release 3.0. I think the point made by @Greg_Jones in his post still stands: if Keep It can handle big images, in RTFs or otherwise, surely DEVONthink can.

DTTG needs parity of quality with the (mostly) wonderful DT3 for macOS :slight_smile:

I’m using a Zettelkasten(ish) note-taking method and would really like to see DTTG to have similar linking possibilities as the Mac version has.

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Will Monday bring DTTG 3.0?

I guess no.

Ah. Maybe the 7th?!

We’ll see :slight_smile:

We do not comment on development timeframes. Announcements will be made on our blog andTwitter account as information becomes available.


I know I know… a guy can speculate and dream… right?

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Of course. No harm in speculating. :slight_smile:

Recently purchased an iPad Air 4. Have been tablet-less for the past 3 years (my 3-year-old stole my original iPad Air from me). Really amazed how far iPad OS has come since I last regularly used an iPad (loving scribble and Apple Pencil support generally). And I am anxiously awaiting this release to see if I can get even more mileage out of the iPad, which I am even now using more than my 2018 MacBook Pro (which has now become a “desktop” primarily used in clamshell mode).

So, does that mean its not available? thats a shame . . . . im really looking forward to it! @BLUEFROG

DEVONthink To Go is not yet publicly released. Please check your private messages. Thanks.

does this mean, that you will replace RTF also on the macos edition?

He said that they’ll replace the RTF editor on iOS. Not RTF itself.

Great new features!!!

I hope the V3 app will be available soon. :mask:


I’ve been refreshing the blog once every two or three days since December. LOL, still not out yet.


I really want to annotate my markdown files


Would really like wiki link support and a link inspector like the one recently added toDT3