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Hi everyone,

Had a look around the forums, but couldn’t find anything.

After doing a search in DTPO, the size of the font in the search results is rather small for slowly-aging eyes.

Is there a way to increase it?

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You’ve got a point. I’m 75 and can read the search result list. But I found that there doesn’t seem to be an option to increase the perceived font size in the list of results. I can change the font and font size in Preferences for columns and lists, but that doesn’t seem to affect the Search window’s list of result titles.

Let’s note that to Christian and Eric. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bill. I only thought of it because I have my annual eye checkup this coming Thursday… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, at the moment the Search panel does not use the List font set in the Preferences. But: noted down, we may add this to a future version of DEVONthink!

Not to drag up an old thread, especially given it’s mine, but just wanted to re-iterate my desire to be able to increase the font size in the search results window.

Pretty please, Eric? :slight_smile:


Yet another gentle nudge/request for this. Have just spend the last 30 min trawling through a long list of search results and my eyes are aching.

Please, Eric. Next beta? I absolutely promise you that I will buy you a beer or two the next time I’m your neck of the woods. Or, if you are ever in NZ, a full BBQ at our house plus a trip to the see Royal Albatross.

David :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been almost four years, but it’s time to bring this up yet again.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be able to increase the font size in search results.

Eric, pretty please with sugar on it?

David :slight_smile:

Please? :slight_smile:


scratch scratch

I have to chime in as well. My wife’s debating whether to use the product and the tiny text on search results (combined with the fact that her 27" iMac has a dot pitch that makes all text smaller) has her on the fence.

The product is so flexible and powerful, I’m confused as to why prefs don’t allow you to do things such as: set the colors for replicants and duplicates, set the shading color of alternating rows, set the text of search results, etc.

I love the retina screen on my 15" MacBook Pro, but find the font size of the menubar and other occurrences of font (many beyond the potential control of DEVONthink) too small for comfortable reading. Without a change in font size, creating new Mail messages isn’t a pleasant environment. (That’s also true on my 27" iMac.)

My kludge: In System Preferences > Displays - Display, scale to a larger text size. Suddenly, text becomes easy to read, including DEVONthink search results and my notes using 12-point font. :slight_smile:

When I’m showing off photos, it’s easy to switch back to the standard retina resolution.

Add me to the request list for this one please, “tempus” is certinately “fugiting”. :slight_smile:

Bill, your suggestion isn’t applicable on my 2011 iMac, as far as I can tell. Only retina devices.

So, here we are, coming up on six years since I first raised the issue.

I can only surmise that this is not going to change, so perhaps it is time I moved on from DT.

Is there still no way to increase the font size in the search results window? I’ve been using another very popular information manager, but as the number of notes I put into it increases it becomes harder and harder to find things. DEVONthink would be much better in that regard if only I could clearly read the results of searches. My eyes are getting older (and I know I’m not the only one). Screen DPI has been increasing. The need for resizable search results isn’t going away. Please?

If it isn’t going to get fixed in the default interface, is there a way for me to hook into the search output and display the results in another application?

You don’t know how lucky you are until you lose it :frowning:

I can’t offer any direct solution to the search results font scaling but SwitchResX made a huge difference to me.

DT works great on a 27inch display (2560x1440), except that as I struggle more with age and failing eyesight (and now failed lasik) it just got all too small and I seemed to spend way to much time zooming and enlarging fonts. The first thing I tried was use the standard scaling options in Display preferences. While they help to enlarge everything, they also leave text and pdfs a blurry mess. What I really wanted was retina scaling like my Macbook Pro but on the external display, so that all the interface elements are scaled, but everything else stays pin sharp at the original resolution of the display. It turns out that it is possible to have retina scaling on an external display (or even an older internal non-retina display) with a fantastic little utility called SwitchResX -

Now I can have my 27inch monitor at a virtual 1920x1080 resolution (or bigger or smaller), text and pdfs are sharp and reasonable sized and I can actually sit at a decent distance away and keep files and books between the monitor for reference where they are easier to use.

It would work equally well say to turn an eternal 1920x1080 display into a 1536x864 ‘retina’ display as well (or whatever other scaling factor works for you)

Hope it helps.

Add me to the list of many who want a larger font for the search results. Please!
Generally, I was shocked at how small all the Mac OS fonts are when switching from the PC - I don’t see the advantage of such high resolution if you have to squint (or get bifocals) to read the screen.

A kludge is to save each search as a smart group - then the search results appear in your normal view (with a font you’ve presumably increased already). This probably has disadvantages though, including the inability to quickly modify your search parameters, and then having to delete the smart group.

Add me too. Why is this taking so long???

Or should I say: [size=50]why is this taking so long???[/size]

I’m the original poster. Just doing my annual (or so) ‘check in’ to bump this thread up so it can hopefully catch Erik’s attention. When I wrote the original post/request, my daughter was 5 months old. She’s now just over 8 years old.

Two years ago, I hinted at moving away from DTPO. I did to some extent. I still use DTPO to capture news items, but much less so for research (and searching). I want to get back into it, but my eyes are not getting any better.

I’m no programmer, to be sure, so I have to believe that it is technically rather challenging to implement a user-selectable size for the search window.

I see rumors of a version 3 in the works. Will this finally add search results to the list of panels that support resizable fonts? Please?

I’d still like to start using this software more heavily, but it’s very hard to see my way to doing it when the most important advantage of DEVONthink (the search capability) is so difficult to use.

I can’t comment on future releases but have you checked out System Preferences > Accessibility > Seeing > Zoom?