Forward emails to Devonthink


Currently, I drag and drop my emails to DT3.

Is there a Devonthink email address that I forward emails to the DT3 inbox?

With software Evernote and Things, they have designated email addresses that allows me to forward emails to a designated folder/inbox; this is done one email at a time.

I open the email and if I want to save it, I forward it to the desired software via the software email address.

I was wondering if there was a Deveonthink email address that would forward the email to a Devonthink inbox?

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You can do this via Zapier (or similar integration software) by sending the email to a DT3-indexed Dropbox folder.

Both Evernote and Things require you to use their specific email addresses and their servers to do this. We don’t offer cloud services or proprietary email addresses, so no this is not possible in the same way they’re doing it.

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This would require an always running Mac, right?

No, you do not need an always running Mac. Zapier and Dropbox take care of that for you.

See here

Ok, wow… I need to try this!

I will have to investigate… but I thought for DT to index, it had to be running, ie, a running Mac

What I meant was…I understand this will work without a running Mac, as it’s all in the cloud, but before it shows up in DTTG, doesn’t it have to be indexed from DT3 on the Mac?

Correct - DTTG does not index folders. You need DT3 to do that and then sync to DTTG.

I wonder if you used Dropbox as you sync store, and saved to that same Dropbox folder from Zapier if this would allow sync to DTTG without using a Mac?

I think that is unlikely. Do you have only an iOS device and no Mac?

I have a Mac, but I do not use it everyday. I mostly use my iPhone/iPad.

OK so why not let it run 24/7 if that increases the usefulness of your iPhone/iPad. Surely the power cost is minimal compared with the benefit you would get.

Yeah, it’s not the power…it’s just the way our house is set up. It’s an older MacBook Air that we only use maybe once a week ish. That would probably be enough for the purposes of syncing my data.

I know DT is fundamentally different form Evernote, but the forward email feature is probably the biggest thing I miss about Evernote. Wish DT offered a 1st party solution to this.

Agreed - but the upside is that you own your own data and can easily move it to whatever future platform you wish. That is big plus.

True. I don’t think it’s in the cards, but I still really want a first party solution :crossed_fingers:

By using a dedicated subject or email address this should be doable via rules in Apple Mail and AppleScript.

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I know I can do this in apple mail. But that requires my Mac to process the mail. It can’t be done from my iOS device.

Despite the hype, automation in iOS is simple and very limited compared to a Mac.

True. Unless you involve a cloud solution.