Help modifying the Import to Selected Group and Delete script

I use the Import to Selected Group and Delete script quite extensively, triggered as a Folder action when I add a file to the folder. At the moment it opens DTPO2, and I’m wondering what is the easiest way to modify/change this (if possible) so that the Folder action is tied to work with DT3. Or is there an alternative script I can use? I don’t see one in the DT3 script library.

I’m not script savvy, but could probably edit it if some kind soul could post easily followed instructions.

You should not run DEVONthink 2 and 3 on the same account, on the same machine. At a minimum, you should delete version 2 from the Applications’folder and reboot the machine.

Then the folder action should work with DEVONthink 3 without further modifications.

Thanks Bluefrog. I wasn’t intentionally trying to run DTPO2 on the same account, the folder action triggered it. The advice then, I take it, is to uninstall DTPO2 from my machine completely? I must have missed that when upgrading. From memory, uninstalling DTPO2 is not entirely straight forward, and I’d also be a little afraid of deleting something that DT3 relies upon – do you have a guide to deleting DTPO2 handy? I think I saw one on the forum recently, will have a look for that.

This is what I was thinking of:

I’ll follow this later this evening unless advised there’s a better method.

That’s fine to follow if you want to do a deeper uninstall. If nothing else, remove the application and reboot.

Returning to this, I’ve just changed computers and would like to reattach the Import to Selected Group and Delete script to a desktop folder. It’s one of my favourite little Devonthink actions and I use it daily.

It doesn’t appear under the options I’m given in Folder Actions Setup – the closest thing is Import to Selected Group. As far as I can remember I first obtained the script from this thread post a few years ago, but the zip file in that post can’t be downloaded anymore. I had thought that this was absorbed as a formal DT script, but perhaps I was wrong? I can’t seem to find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Minor bump. Is this script no longer available in the wild?

Just copy the code from the thread, paste it into a new Script Editor document and then save the script ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts.

Of course! Thanks Christian, much appreciated

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