HowTo use iPrint&Scan Software properly with DEVONthink

Unfortunately my scanner ist older then my DT-license and therefore I got a Brother scanner and not a ScanSnap. From time to time I looked up better usage for my scanner and DEVONthink but there was nothing for a long time.

Later in 2019 I came across these both threads:

And this blog-entry:

“Die Pro-Editionen erkennt ab Version 3.0.4 auch Scans, die Sie mit der Software Brother iPrint & Scan anfertigen. Wenn Sie die Texterkennung (OCR) verwenden, erstellt sie die PDFs zudem mit höherer Qualität. Die Eingabe von Metadaten für Scans schließlich hält die Texterkennung nicht mehr von der Bearbeitung weiterer Dokumente ab.”

I couldn’t find further information how both tools will work together and every try failed. So I waited for further details. But there were nothing additional published since this blog-entry.

So mayber anyone got a good tutorial how to proper use both tool together and stop copy those pdf-files to the inbox without direct applying OCR.

Thanks for your help.

Could you mention which one?

I’m not sure what you mean here: you don’t want to use the OCR engine of DT?

Sure, it is the ADS2400N.

Of course, because the OCR from DT seems to be quite bette thant the broter OCR. But I only uses brothers software to perform some automatically steps like “delete blank pages” or “straighten pages” and put the created PDF into the input folder in Finder. But after I read this blogpost I thought there is a much better way to use the brother scanner. But It is not recognised by DT as a source and I couldn’t figure out how to improve this interaction. I think those documents could be look much better and I can save some time during scanning if there were any tutorial how this improvement with iPrint&Scan works exactly.

If I understand correctly from the product page, the N stands for ‘network’ which means your scanner is capable of scanning over a network connection. You could therefore even locate it away from your macOS device. A network scan likely doesn’t require the software you mentioned, but simply a network location that is available to both the scanner and macOS. You can then ‘push’ the scan from the scanner (literally by pushing a button).

I’m not sure whether the 2400N performs the adjustments you mention from the device itself, but it might. Assuming you own and maintain the LAN network, you could start by hooking it up to the (WiFi) network and open the management page of the scanner in Safari to look for those settings.

Do you happen to own a router with USB-drive support or perhaps even a regular NAS? You could setup automatic folder actions in macOS and have macOS retrieve any scans placed on the NAS or USB-drive by the scanner:

router —NAS — scanner

DT supplies various folder actions with the software.

Hi Cambrian,

thanks for your comment, but I have no problem with the general workflow. I’m looking for any information about this blogpost and the possibility to interact with DT3 via iPrint&Scan. So maybe to scan direct to DT. I think options to adjust the scanned document with DT3 are much better than iPrint&Scan functions.

At the moment I’m scanning direct to my mac via the “file-button” at the scanner. The files are cropped and straightend and they were put into my Folder inbox. This works fine, but the quality of this scans is worse with iPrint&Scan and I’m hoping to direct scan to DT3.

So, maybe I’m missing something, but I only need some information what exactly this blogpost tells me and how I’m able to get this “better quality”.