Image import ignores location metadata

When importing images to DTTG (v3.0.6, 17061) it seems to always use the current device location and ignores the location where the image was taken (but uses the time)

How can I use the image location too?

upd: also, is there a way to auto-OCR in background so I can just screenshot something and have it searchable?

I don’t know about images, but would have thought that location data is embedded in the photo itself, and since DEVONthink doesn’t change files, that the info is still there.

Perhaps, as a trial user, you should get a copy of the Handbook for DEVONthink and the fine e-book (free of charge compliments of DEVON Technologies) where this might be discussed and documented. But there is more there to have a quick read about. On their we site.

Re OCR of screen shots. I have two rules which run against the Inbox. It converts any incomging images to PDF’s. And another to OCR any PDFs that are not OCRed (found by Wordcount=0). See screen shots. Rules explained in the Handbook.

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Why do you have these set to Every minute?

No good reason. Because it didn’t fire on every import. Did not seem to affect performance if nothing there. Kinda forgot about it till you mentioned. Out of sight out of mind. I will remove.

I’m not seeing this issue here.
If I have a file sent to me, say an images via, and that image has geolocation data… if I save that file to Photos then import it into DEVONthink To Go, it is retaining the geolocation. It’s also retaining it if I share from Messages directly into DEVONthink To Go.

Are you doing anything differently?

Well, I’m importing the photo from (+) - Media - Existing Photo - (pick from gallery) and see the photo is titled with the name of the street I’m at right now with my iPhone. Cross-checked by importing into Day One iOS and it does detect the location properly. Will check the EXIF manually later

Anyway, it’s not critical, if anything, I’m much more interested in this topic tbh - How to show links from plain text/rich text notes?

DTTG will use the geolocation data from the image if available. If this is unavailable or an error occurred retrieving the location, your current location will be used instead. If you have a photo where you are getting the wrong location, could you share it and I will take a look.

Thanks, @rmschne, got the scripts working, except I can’t get the OCR script to run automatically after the PDF script. Any idea about how to achieve this?

I have no experience debugging rules as I don’t really have that many of them. I do know they run in sequence, top to bottom, so check that.

My best recommendation is to read carefully the sections in the Handbook for DEVONthink about Rules and see where you you might spot something. That’s what I did to learn Rules.

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