New and totally confused by the editor. Used to Evernote and Bear

it’s a very good comment. I am new to DT and have not read about indexing yet, which I know I should have done. I am going to do that today.
thanks again

You could use this script to index a duplicate of DEVONthink’s internal help, then read from within DEVONthink about indexing in DEVONthink :upside_down_face:

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Good. And after learning and experimenting with Indexing, decide if you REALLY need to do it. What is the purpose? What added value does it give you when inside of the tool you use to write also has ability (presumably) to view, search, etc. Consider only putting the final writing deliverable/product into DEVONthink.

Always understand best as possible the “why”.

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yes, very wise. I am reading through the take control book.
I wonder if the problem will boil down to quick look

seems very interesting. thank you
sorry, which procedure and script / script changes of all the ones listed ?. You start with a script, others make all kinds of suggestions to be “safe” etc

This one. It’s completely safe to use as it indexes a duplicate and not the internal files.

And the DEVONthink Manual is a great resource and should be read. Don’t just limit to the Take Control book (which is also good).



so one can choose between the PDF manual and the internal help (or an indexed duplicate of it) without missing anything.


thank you. I ran the script. Very useful

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@pete31 @rmschne

indexing (not importing)

I’m sorry. After reading the manual and the take contol of DevonThink Pro 3 book, and at the risk of irritating you both, there is something that I don’t understand.

@rmschne Your idea seemed great, but I stumbled when I tried it.

As far as I read and understand, I can index files and folders. I assume that you are suggesting that I can index those folders which contain my Evernote and Bear Notes, which is I repeat, a very intelligent suggestion.

For example, I want to index my Bear Notes: based on the following information from the Bear site, how should I index my Bear Notes ?

On both iOS and macOS, Bear’s notes are stored in a SQLite database. On macOS, the database is accessible with any third-party app or library that has SQLite support.
Bear’s macOS database is located here:
~/Library/Group Containers/ Data/database.sqlite’s%20notes%20located/#:~:text=On%20both%20iOS%20and%20macOS,library%20that%20has%20SQLite%20support.

thanks again very much

Sounds like Bear won’t work. Gotta index files. I only copied/paste from your previous post. Suggest you re-read the manual where it is (I think) clear you index files. Databases content not documented. I think you can confirm that without asking it here?

Again, you are over complicating this and probably looking here for help which probably can’t be given.


OK. thank you for your answer. I was confused.

Bear does not store files. It stores notes in an SQLite database file. You need actual files in the filesystem to index.

Also, indexing Evernote notes is not suggested. Importing from Evernote via the File > Import > Notebooks from Evernote or exporting notes from the Evernote application are the advocated methods.


I imported Evernote and all worked fine.
Looking for a solution for Bear. I have some ideas.

Remember: With the Evernote import, there is not a connection between DEVONthink and it. This means, if you continue adding notes to Evernote, they will not be received in DEVONthink. Also, if you reimport notebooks from Evernote, it will generate duplicates.


Is there not some kind of purgatory ? Some place in DT which is not trash but not indexed by DT, where I could put my old Evernote group and import a new one ?
Evernote is a critical issue because the next version 10 is electron based and no longer allows for Evernote import. Evernote users are very upset

DEVONthink does not index Evernote notes. It imports copies of the notes using the limited AppleScript channed they provided.
You can reimport notebooks as you see fit, but again, it will generate duplicates.

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for good usability in combination with DTPRO you should try TYPORA.


I greatly appreciate your suggestion.
typora is in fact one of my favorite because of the outline pane which no other markdown editor has.
I have never been able to solve the image problem with DT. I just tried again and it did not work.
I will carefully read your reference Images in Typora and try again. I will let you know
thanks very much

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I read the images reference you kindly suggested and still can’t display images in preview mode, although I did define a local folder to store the images.

Have you succeeded ?