New and totally confused by the editor. Used to Evernote and Bear

What does the source look like?

I use the possibility to upload the pictures with upic. So I can use these pictures within all DTPRO-Instances.

Why wouldn’t you just link to local images, even ones in DEVONthink?

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it too complicated. Too much work. Thanks for the suggestion.

DTPRO can synchronize such local folder?

I just out of curiosity tested it using upic with the imgur integration. It works for me:

Have you remembered to actually make it a markdown image link (e.g. ![](<url>)), like shown here?

DTPRO can synchronize such local folder?

I’m not sure what local folder you’re referring to.

it too complicated. Too much work.

What’s too complicated and too much work?
Please be explicit in your statements as there are different (though related) tangents going on in this thread.

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This is something I tried, too. But I never managed to get Typora to show the images which were stored in DT…

never managed to get Typora to show the images which were stored in DT…

If that’s what the person was referring to, then no that’s not possible - at least not with an item link. An item link is a URL scheme, i.e., it’s provides an action - not a URL to the actual file.

I was generically asking why @dargelm was suggesting uploading versus just using local images as the images wouldn’t be available if the connection was offline, servers busy, etc.

you are right and thank you for your comment.

Because i work fast, writing, annotating images → copy to clipboard → paste into technical document, etc

I don’t want to change my workflow to accommodate an editor. From reading the many posts in this forum, I don’t think that at the present time Markdown is for me.

There is one superb extremely efficient text (with very nice styling) + image friendly version of markdown which is the editor of the Bear App. It has a standalone counterpart called Panda, but once again DT does not display images.

The Bear Editor is living proof of how powerful and fast Markdown can be with seamless integration of images, and also proof that I am not completely crazy (only half crazy).

My prediction is that the people from Bear will eventually release a stand alone version and make other Markdown editors redundant.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the Bear app. This is my opinion, not marketing.

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Because I have not found a better solution. Do you want to suggest a better one? How would you like to support the storage of images together with MD-Files natively with DTPRO?

Here is one place I discussed this…

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Thank you for your advice. Most of the time I don’t create MD files manually, but as web snippets, i.e. exporting websites from Safari as markdown. When I open such files locally, the images are loaded from the web via URL. If I edit such files again, the images would have to be saved locally. I use my own method, because such a workflow is not supported by DTPRO. The method you suggest may work in individual cases, but not for saving and editing web pages not only occasionally.

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thank you but it’s too much. Slows down the workflow. I will stick to RTF and HTML for the moment. Thank you for all your comments

I found the solution. Panda works perfectly. Best Markdown editor, text style and images display in DT
thank you again for your interest

But doesn’t work HTML exactly like MD with images? I.e. they are not stored in the file itself (unless you use a data URL – do you?). So what advantage does HTML have over MD here?

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@BLUEFROG @chrillek @dargelm

I found the solution. Panda works perfectly. Best Markdown editor, text style, lists with keyboard shortcuts to move items, simply paste images (don’t bother with local or cloud storage) and styled text and images display in DT
thank you again for your interest.

download for free

What’s an alpha?

I hope you’ve read and seriously considered what they wrote in the above section on the page you linked.


Alpha software that invents it’s own markdown deviation (which goes against the whole idea of Markdown as a portable text-only format!)? If it makes you happy – by all means. But then don’t complain if md-compatible software can’t display the images or animated Gifs or what else the bear people think might help them to gain customers (one might think “vendor lock-in”).