Reset and start fresh steps


I would like to reset all my syncing (many issues and frustration, all user errors, I am sure). What are the steps to resetting all iCloud settings (I was on Legacy, switched to Cloudkit, and now gettings all kinds of errors)?

I have the DT desktop on laptop and desktop and DTG on 2 ipads and iPhone.

I want to basically start the sync process from scratch.


Read in Help and/or DEVONthink handbook how to clean the sync locations.

What “all kinds of errors” ?

Here is the latest on the desktop:
Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 11.10.51
And this one on the MacBook:

I did read and did all recommended steps.

Are you seeing the errors on one machine or all?

Updated the screen shots. Top error on desktop. Bottom on the MBP. Everything was working until I changed to CloudKit syncing. I started having issued with the Legacy sync. Based on the recommendations on the forum and user guide, decided to switch to CloudKit.

On the desktop, direct wired to router. Upload/Download internet speeds 770/10mb.

oh. but you forgot to say that and explain the real question as in the screen shots. i never saw those errors. maybe try another third party sync service.

No errors reported in DEVONthink To Go?

this one on one of the iPads… On this iPad I cleaned sync location, deleted database, uninstalled and reinstalled DTG, reconnected to the CloudKit, and just tried to sync the Global Inbox.

And this Jost popped up on the desktop:

And another one on the iPhone:

Could all these problems be happening due to one issue? That’s why I want to do a fresh start of possible. I spent way too much time trying to fix this. I really need to set it up fresh. Thanks for the help.

Are the master databases on one Mac?

I would suggest this, assuming that is the case…

  1. Disable syncing on the non-master Mac.

  2. Delete DEVONthink To Go, reinstall it, but do not set up the sync location yet.

  3. In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, right-click the CloudKit sync location and choose Clean Location. This will clear out any sync data. You can now add, modify, or remove an encryption key for the sync location, but it must be done before you sync a database. This key would have to be entered in the sync location on other devices syncing with this location.
    If you want to add/modify/remove the encryption key, you can now right-click the sync location and choose Show Info. Make the modification to the encryption key fields, the click outside the Info popup. However, DO NOT SYNC YET.

  4. On the Mac, go into System Preferences > iCloud and click the Manage button. Select DEVONthink To Go then click the Delete documents and data button.
    This preference doesn’t give a realtime view of the deletion process, so close and return to the Manage section occasionally to check the process. Once iCloud has removed the data from Apple’s server, the DEVONthink To Go entry will disappear.

  5. After these things are done, check the checkbox next to a database in the Databases pane on the right to sync to the location again.

  6. After a successful sync on the Mac, set up the CloudKit location in DEVONthink To Go, using the same encryption key, if you specified one.

  7. Then touch the sync location and import the database.

  8. If all is well after step 7, repeat syncing and import, one database at a time, as needed.

  9. Enable syncing on the non-master Mac, merging with the newly updated sync data.

Thanks. Ok. I am following the steps. On step 5, after opening a database and selecting Sync options, I click iCloud (CloudKit), this pops up:
Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 16.10.40

OK. I fond this and fixed the Error Domain issue. CKErrorDomain 2 when attempting to create the new iCloud sync - #10 by harald

Went through the steps. The desktop and MBP syncs. On the iPad here is what I am getting.

And the iPhone:

  • Did you sync one database at a time?
  • When you deleted DEVONthink To Go did you delete the application’s data to?

OK, I restarted the whole process. This time instead of starting with the Inbox, I turned on syncing for another database. Seems to be working OK so far on both MacOs and 1 iOS. As soon as I sync the Inbox, I will run into the issues. Something is causing the issues with Inbox. Is that possible? If yes, what do I need to do to fix the problem with the inbox. Thanks

I would make sure your backups are current and do a File > Rebuild Database on the Global Inbox then see if the sync issue persists.