Sync isn't working properly

these couple of months im having everyday the issue with sync between IOS and MACOS using iCloud sync. I’ve tried everything that is possible and it cost me almost hours of work I even reinstall the software on both devices and re instated iCloud sync but still having the same issue.

if anyone knows a good alternatieve for this outdated dinosaur please let me know. im using it for my ebook/pdf library (the search function is amazing but that’s it), bookmark manager to achieve my bookmarks, was planning for rules but it sometimes doesn’t even filter properly even on DTGO they don’t have smart rules/filters, and it has to sync between devices.

oh and it would be nice having a api to sync with other apps for example to a proper reader and note taking.

please let me know

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You might be better off using another sync method. Use the search function here to find related threads.

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SO MANY posts here about the unreliability of Apple’s cloud sync servers that affect some people. Affecting you too, it appears. There are no “knobs” to turn to make it better, far as I know.

If you really need internet sync, give Dropbox a try. I don’t use internet sync services. I rely on Bonjour and also a Synology NAS on my local network. If I make changes to anything while “out and about” using macOS or iOS devices, everything catches up when I get back to global HQ.

Bonjour is both reliable and quick.

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thanks for the tips nog having a NAS yet but could give dropbox a try.
first need to find a alternatieve for this dinosaur as these days other softwares are walking miles ahead of devonthink but working in databases and interface of devonthink is nice have to give them that and using it for many years now.

the thing with sync is for example 1 database with all bij ebooks is doing good but that doesn’t get updated as much as my bookmarks database.

in turn of storage pricing and ecosystem iCloud works better for me and its a option right on devonthink? so either its gets removed or fixed?

Recommend you get Bonjour working first. Then either wait for Apple to fix their services, or Dropbox if you really need it.

While I have and use a NAS, doesn’t seem to be a priority for you now.

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Except, it doesn’t. What am I missing?

Works for some, not for all, and not all the time. Nobody knows why, probably including Apple. It’s up to them to resolve.

guess not much of a choice then.


We’ve given you some choices. Don’t have to try them or contact Apple and suggest they fix their services, then wait. Up to you.

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Why are you using a remote sync option? Do you actually need to use one?

Check out this forum post…

Are you trying to sync two Macs — or just one Mac and an iPhone or iPad (or both)?

I have an iMac M1, an iPad Pro M1 & an iPhone 14 Plus. I sync flawlessly between all devices using the basic iCloud built-in method — never an issue. Are you doing a different kind of sync using Cloud? Are you sure you have whatever databases you want to sync set up the same on each device?

Regarding DevonTHINK being a dinosaur, I don’t know what to say about that. It’s updated quite often — but not just to force a full version upgrade (as some app developers are inclined to do). DevonTHINK remains the most capable app of its kind.

If your needs are simpler, you might try KeepIt. It’s a good app — with a lot of features — without the complexity. However, KeepIt uses the very same method of syncing with iCloud as DevonTHINK does. It is simpler because everything has to be in a single database in KeepIt — so you just turn on sync on each device — and that’s all there is.


KeepIt is also using a simple file transfer method. There isn’t the level of transactional data that DEVONthink uses.


The same to me.

It is always messy. I have tried every possible ways. It syncs for a while; crashes back, fails to sync…tried it hundreds of times (for years now); starting from scratch, deleting the app; rebuilding databases…there is nothing I havn’t tried. It is miserable experience.

There is something deeply flawed with the sync of DTT.

That’s odd because many, many people happily sync every day.
Perhaps read the post I linked above.

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No. It works flawlessly with reliable services like Bonjour and WebDAV. iCloud, otoh, is not reliable.

If you want to solve your problem, try Bonjour. If you just wanted to vent your feelings, all is probably said and nothing remains to be done

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If the intention is to point fingers at Apple and not to do anything about, yes, pointing toward iCoud is a good idea. But, if you want to face the reality, every type of sync with DTT has been broken for me, for years now.

I have written my experience in this forum; and have contacted the developers (reported the problems) on many occasions.

Please try Bonjour and Dropbox and report back here with results.

Otherwise …

Indeed, Bonjour is my primary setup: has been trying again and again.
If you are a developer, it would have been great if you can look at the reports sent by users.

I am not a developer of DEVONthink nor affiliated in any way. But I, like others o this public forum, know how to make Bonjour work. You report no symptoms to enable any help to you.

The “DEVONthink Manual” is clear for Bonjour, and Bonjour Simplified provides more details for those who need it.

(Hunch: you may have Bonjour enabled on more than one device, which is the most common mistake made by some. But other than that I have no idea as you have reported no symptoms, screen shots, or any other indications you wish to resolve. And while getting Bonjour working, disable Apple’s iCloud. Turn it back on after Bonjour working).

I have read the guides; and as I have reported here The local sync is a huge frustration - #7 by cgrunenberg, I am following the suggested methods.
I am just getting “Connection to Server timed out” and “General CFSocket error” forever.

I have changed routers; I have changed networks, I even have changed countries over the years. My experience is always the same. It starts to sync for a while, then, shows up those errors, and completely stops.

I know the issue is not from the Bonjour technology itself because Bookends syncs pretty fast.