Twitter feed is invalid since June 09, 2020

Any update on this - still not working as of 2020-06-25 - during WWDC2020 (not good)

Welcome @catta7140

An update on what specifically?

The situation with Twitter, if their service is restored - or you can offer any workaround through DT at the moment.
Sorry didn’t want to come through like only blaming, I’m aware that Twitter does things and don’t care, but hope you do and so I mentioned that it is still an ongoing issue. (Feed refresh still drops error in Log “Invalid feed”).

These days we getting so “straight to the point” that even I forget my manners - so thank you for looking into it. I’ll appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day!

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No problem. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, there is no resolution at this time. Not sure what can be done about it but Development is aware of it.

Thanks - how do you usually update these matters?
Only in the forum? or via
“News” in DT directly?


PS: Try to work around with TweetNotes (iOS still in beta)

The release notes are the public option. Development may respond in forum, as they see fit.

RSS works.
Twitter feeds dead since 05.06.2020.

Well I need to go out and buy a lotto ticket as I just started using DT and the first thing I did was try to set up a Twitter feed then spent an hour looking over tutorial material to try to figure out what I was doing wrong until I came across this thread.

From reading the responses here, I cannot determine if this is a Twitter issue, DT or some other service.

As others have indicated RSS is working.

It seems like Twitter is the goto service for companies (especially software companies) to engage with their users besides forums such as these.

I would be great if this functionality is restored.

Welcome @D_Rehak

This is not a DEVONtech issue as evidenced by trying to use the URL in a bespoke RSS application, e.g., Vienna.

@BLUEFROG Thanks for your welcome. It is a shame that these big networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…) continue to try to adopt restrictive policies in an attempt to keep you restricted to their eco-system while at the same time increasing restrain free-speech and cutting off content providers (aka YouTube) with a guilty first policy and lack of recourse killing some content providers main source of revenue that probably took them many years to build up.

No easy solutions here, I am sure you will advise when this functionality can be restored.

No problem!
And yes, it’s just the way the world turns right now - even when it’s backwards :confused:

Yes indeed, I see communication between Software App developers and their end users taking a step backwards and reverting back to individual forums like this one where the content control is retained with the developers and the community built between them.

While this conduit is more fragmented and lacks the convenience of consolidation in one area it comes with the benefit or noise reduction of the many haters out there.

So I have transitioned to scheduling periodic visit the forums created by the Software Developers like this one and see it as POSITIVE step backwards

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I assume by version you mean version of DT3? version 3.5.1
all feeds used to work before

Hello, there are any news on the Twitter issue? It doesn’t work since June.

Welcome @thomasmat

No, there is no news on this issue. It’s not something we can fix. This issue occurs in other feed applications like Vienna.

I am relieved to know it is not just me. The workaround I found is adding a twitter feed as a URL. This is a screencast of problem and workaround I sent to DT support earlier this month. Kinda clumsy solution

  • Twitter Feed: No feed shows. I have to add as a Web Archive

For what it’s worth: in fooling around with this problem I tried using to create feeds that would refresh in DT. (WARNING: brand-n00b with DT trying to set up.) It actually worked quite well creating feeds for Twitter users and lists. But I think the price (USD 9.99/mo) is a little steep for the functionality provided so still looking for solutions.

Welcome @automaticslim
Thanks for the input.

Are there any news?


Maybe so.

I have just discovered, and have written a short message about it.

Test it out and let us know!

Bye, Luca

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