Mail plugin in Catalina with a moved home folder

Can someone help me with this one? I have installed the plugin before with no problem, but recently I rebuilt the Mac using a fast SSD as my main drive and a normal SSD as my extended drive (its an iMac so I had few choices due to the internal blade SSD) so to make things more balanced, I moved my home folder onto the second SSD and everything is fine APART from the devonthink mail plugin. Its definitely due to the moved home account as I set up a trial account, logged in and its all working fine but that is all in the first smaller SSD so I cannot leave mine like that.

The install appears to work fine, but there is no plugin in the preferences pane to enable.

This is not a DEVONtech issue. It’s an Apple issue, and yes related to what you’re doing.

Check out these instructions from the SpanSieve developer, in the If the Apple Mail Plug-In Doesn’t Appear in the List or Doesn’t Stay Enabled section…

Thanks, this step was what fixed it for me in the end (not sure if 2-5 was necessary but I did it anyway)

  1. Close
  2. Open System Preferences › Security › Privacy
  3. Enable Terminal under Full Disk Access
  4. Restart Terminal when prompted
  5. Run the following command: sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/
  6. Open Mail
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Run the following command: sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/

This fixed it for me even though my User folder was in the default location.

Neither of my two Mail Plugins were being seen by Mail, but now they are.